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This Month in Rental Management
New ANSI standards on aerial lifts require you to update your manual of responsibilities
Safety Director for GAR Equipment Corp., South Plainfield, N.J.
The changes that have occurred during the past 12 months pertaining to aerial lifts also have impacted the type of documents that are required to accompany each machine before it goes on rent. 

The Boom Lift Standard (A92.5) and the Single Man Lift Standard (A92.3), both of which were updated in February of last year and took effect this past August, require that the old manual of responsibilities must be removed and replaced with a new one on each machine whether it’s used in your yard or as a rental. 

The same is true for the Scissor Lift Standard. This standard, which was updated in 1999 and then again in December 2006 (to harmonize with the boom and single man standard), requires that the new manual of responsibilities must be on all scissor lifts by May 20, 2007.

These manuals are an integral part of the machine and provide valuable information to all parties involved in all aspects of aerial lift operation. To purchase a new manual, click the following link Scaffold Industry Association/Manuals of Responsibility. You will be able to scroll down to the manual of responsibilities you need: Manually Propelled Lifts (single man) MRA92.3, Self-propelled Lifts (scissor lifts) MRA92.6 and/or Boom Supported Lifts (Boom lifts) MRA92.5. You also may call (602) 257-1144 or e-mail info@scaffold.org.

There are discounts for large quantity purchases.

Update your manuals today to keep your employees safe and your customers coming back to rent again.

Rich Stollery is the safety director/asset protection manager for GAR Equipment Corp. in South Plainfield, N.J. He has been representing The American Rental Association on the ANSI Main Committee since May 2000. He can be reached at (800) 272-1146 or at mstollery@mycomcast.com.




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